What electrical equipment needs to be tested by law?

How often do I need to test my electrical equipment?

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The law states that any person operating a business must ensure that no electrical equipment is used  in the workplace unless it has been inspected and tested by a competent person.

This requirement includes all electrical equipment which is present in the workplace including computers, monitors, printers, power tools, kitchen appliances, extension cords and power boards.  It also extends to RCDs (Safety Switches) and 3 phase equipment.
The frequency of testing is set by the Electrical Safety Act 2002 and the Australian Standard.  These two documents outline the minimum frequency which is required to comply.  The frequency is based on the exposure to abuse or environemntal hazards which increase the risk of damage to the item.  The less volitile your workplace, the less you need to test.

The most common frequencies are:
3 monthly for construction workplaces and tradesman
6 monthly for manufacturing, assembly or repairers
6 monthly for entertainment and cleaning equipment
6 monthly for emergency lighting and exit lighting
12 monthly for any other workplaces
12 monthly for all RCDs (Safety Switches)

Why would a piece of equipment be failed?

Do I need to have emergency lighting and exit signs?

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Electrical equipment can be failed for several reasons however they all stem back to ensuring that the equipment is electrically safe and not going to injure anyone or start a fire.

The main cause for failure is physical damage to the cord.  Knicks, cuts, burns or abbrasion to the cord's insulation, exposed wires where the plug attaches to the cord and crushed cords are the main reason a cord is removed from the workplace.

Electrical equipment can also show signs of electrical failure during testing on our state of the art testing equipment.  If an electrical appliance fails the test on our testing equipment it tells us that it is a potential risk to those in the workplace.
The law states that any building which is not residential must have emergency lighting and exit signs in place.

The responsibility for fitting out the premisis falls onto the tenant of the property in QLD.  Though it is not uncommon for the owner to chip in, the legislation states that it is the responsibility of the person undertaking the business to ensure that emergency lighting and exit signs are installed and then tested regularly thereafter.

Will you let me know in advance when my equipment needs re-testing?

Does new equipment have to be tested before I can use it?

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Here at Boss Compliance, we are very proud of our reminder system and we will make sure that we call you with plenty of notice to book you in for a re-testing appointment.

One of our friendly team will be in contact with you a couple of weeks out from your due date to make an appointment with you to ensure that you are always compliant with your legal requirements.
Boss Compliance recommends the best practise of having all equipment tested before it is used in the work place.  

However, if you purchase new equipment from the store to use in your business, the responsibility for ensuring the product is electrically sound falls back onto the retailer.  

You need to ensure that the new item is tested at your next appointment with our technician so that it can now be added to your regular test cycle however in essence, you can start using the electrical appliance straight away.  

How long will it take to test my workplace?

How far in advance do I need to book?

Boss Compliance Timeframe
Depending on how many tags you have a service can take as little as an hour and for larger businesses, several days.  

As a guide, our technicians will normally take 3-4 hours to complete 100 tags, depending on the level of access to each of the items.
Our technicians are constantly attending jobs all over the South East Queensland area.  If you need to have your workplace inspected we can usually arrange a technician to be there within 48 hours.  Of course we have busy times like everyone else, but our friendly team will always work with you to find a suitable time that fits into your schedule.
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