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Common Problems That Can arise From Exit Sign Testing

exit sign testing

There is no way around it, exit sign testing is a crucial part of the process when it comes to making sure that your commercial business or residence is safe and secure. Why do we say this? Well, exit signs are important because they act as the exit guide for anyone who might be in the process of leaving, such as a fire exit sign, and the signs must be able to withstand a lot of strain. They should be able to maintain their shape and not bend or break. In addition to this, the exit sign must also be able to alert people to an emergency and at the same time make them aware that other exit signs will direct them to other directions, such as an emergency exit ramp.

Why should exit light testing be necessary? Simply put, if your exit sign breaks into two or more pieces, then it could potentially endanger anyone who might be crossing it. If they happen to fall, they could hit their heads on something soft or solid and possibly even die. This could prove to be extremely problematic if there is another load of people streaming out of an exit door, and you don’t have any exit signs to warn them about the stairs and other exits in case someone gets trapped. You also need an exit sign that can take people directly to the next exit, rather than have them walk all the way around.

What are some signs that need exit sign testing? Well, there are many, and here a few to start with: * An exit sign that does not match up to the exit sign that is mounted on the building. You see, exit signs get mounted on the building and then screwed onto the building walls. If the exit sign is screwed onto the wall instead of the building material, then it is very difficult to read and understand, and you’ll likely make lots of mistakes as you find your way out. Do yourself and your employees a favour and get your exit signs aligned so that confusion doesn’t become a factor and you have fewer lost leads in the process.

  • An exit sign that isn’t easily readable from more than a few feet away. This will happen if you have multiple exit signs mounted on multiple walls. If you are trying to mount an exit sign on a single wall, then you know what I’m talking about. Either the exit sign won’t be easily readable, or it just doesn’t fit well. If you aren’t going through a lot of moving around or are getting rid of an exit sign after installation, then you may want to consider a different exit sign company.
exit sign testing
  • An exit sign that doesn’t match up to the actual exit sign that is on the building. Again, if you are installing an exit sign, then you already know that fact. However, if you are just installing a new exit sign onto a new building, then this can become a big problem. Make sure that the exit sign that you choose fits the building perfectly, and is easily readable from more than a few feet away. This will save you a lot of frustration down the road!
  • The exit sign isn’t positioned properly. Some companies like to test out their exit signs by putting them up one at a time. Then, they mark the position of each exit sign and go back over it to make sure that everything is square. The problem with this is that it makes it very difficult for an exit sign to “see” an exit and have it “act” correctly. So, make sure that you mark the location of your exit sign and then move it. You can always change the positioning later.
  • Your exit sign isn’t in a place that your customers are going to see it. You need to be able to see the exit sign from several feet away. When you have exit sign testing done, don’t just look at it from a few feet away. You need to walk up to it and point it out. This will let you see exactly where your customers are going to be and will help them to plan their route easier.

While exit sign testing is a process that you shouldn’t take lightly, it can save you problems down the road. Don’t take the risk of your exit sign not working in a crisis. By doing simple exit sign testing, you can avoid these potential problems before they become serious.

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